Testimonials and Customer Feedback

One of our main missions at Ice clinic is to take time to understand and listen to our patients needs, not just in the treatment room but across all aspects of our services. This is why we regularly seek feedback from our clients to ensure we are maintaining high standards across the practice and making continual improvements to our service

  • 14 million people live with pain every day in the UK
  • In 2013 30.6 million working days were lost due to musculoskeletal problems
  • In the UK 2.5 million people have back pain every day and accounts for 22% of the UK healthcare expenditure
  • 4.6 million GP appointments every year due to back pain

We are proud to say we help our patients overcome these types of pains, here is what some of them have said about us and our service:

Everyone is very friendly and helpful. I would, and do happily recommend ICE to others.


I am very pleased with the treatment at ICE It makes such a difference to my life, Thank you.


The quality of the service is excellent; all the staff are very friendly and professional.


It is wonderful to finally have no pain.


A very professional and excellent service.


I would like to thank everyone at ICE for their assistance and understanding.


I have always found ICE to be a very friendly and relaxing clinic to visit.


A very good service with excellent treatment.


Very happy with all the advice and treatment given.


A very warm and friendly atmosphere.